Restoration and Remodeling

In Bonday Build we are specialist in making reality the dreams of our clients in the simpler and quicker possible way.









We provide integrated solutions, interior design, outfitting locales, restorations… We don’t just stop with the structure, but go beeper to create an atmosphere that is the best and most functional according to the needs and wishes of our customers to maintain the best overall equilibrium At Bonday Build, we don’t just build new structures, but we also remodel existing onesWe reconstruct and rehabilitate existing spaces according to your desires.Our challenge is to create the desired end-result by combining function with form, keeping your needs and wishes in mind, but also keeping in mind the best overall solution for the targeted area. We offer our customers a total service construction package One of the least recognized competencias of a construction firm is in the rehabilitation of swimming pools. We will leave your pool completely restored, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We work with our customers to completely meet, or exceed your expectations and working within acceptable parameters to get the job done right! One of our core competencies is treating walls that have been affected by humidity that may result in structural damages finding efficient solutions that save time and money since we use state-of-the-art materials.We are specialists in this regard and offer a team of professionals that know how to provide customized services and solutions that last.


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